Lagretta Metzger Bajorek grew up in Bowling Green, Ohio, with her twin sister, Loretta Metzger Rieger. Both were talented in art and loved history, and are graduates of Bowling Green State University. While teaching elementary school in Garfield Heights, Ohio, she attended classes at The Cleveland Institute of Art, where an interest in intaglio, (engraved copper plates), helped to widen her study of the printing process. Through the years, her paper doll collection has continued her exploration of lithography. She began collecting advertising paper dolls after receiving from her father in 1965 his sister's trade card albums. She found two sets of coffee dolls in the albums, starting a diligent search of the Midwest. Over the years, she has collected a good representation of paper dolls and toys in the field of advertising. Lagretta and her husband Ben have two grown children, and reside in Dearborn, Michigan. She is a charter member of the Paper Doll Court of Southeast Michigan.

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