• Schiffer
      Inspiring through expert knowledge
      Schiffer Publishing is focused on creating publications that inspire, educate, and inform
      inquisitive readers seeking trusted content to enrich their lives and passions.

    • Schiffer Military History
      Schiffer Military History is dedicated to publishing definitive books on military and aviation history by the world’s leading historians.

    • Schiffer Kids
      Our mission is to build the knowledge base for SEED and STEAM learning through content that promotes critical thinking, opens up conversations, and ultimately inspires young minds. Our award-winning titles explore concepts such as managing emotions, forming positive relationships, and making informed behavioral decisions. As a platform for the leading voices in social and emotional education, we support the SEED learning process by elevating their voices.

    • Red Feather
      Let your spirit take flight!
      REDFeather Mind, Body, Spirit is a producer of high-quality, unique books, decks and products that touch on a wide range of categories related to personal transformation, understanding, and empowerment and will continue to expand into an increasingly diverse range of topics related to metaphysics, religion, and spirituality.

    • Schiffer Craft

      Schiffer Craft publishes to help energize maker and craft communities worldwide. We are dedicated to publishing high quality books and kits that inspire, instruct, and educate. We enrich lives through craft.

    • Schiffer Fashion Press
      SFP is an imprint of fashion-related books that provides inspiration, historical reference, and instruction to all areas of the fashion community.

    • Whitford Press
      Books on paranormal activities and mind and spirit lifestyles.

    • Tidewater Publishers
      Life and history in the Chesapeake Bay region for children and adults.

    • Cornell Maritime Press
      Titles for personnel in marine businesses, including texts for the Merchant Marine Academies, boating, water safety, maritime law, salvage, navigation, and regional maritime history.

    • Geared Up Publications
      Books on deep sea fishing and techniques for a robust catch.

    • LW Books
      Specialized books with price guides for collectibles, especially ceramics.

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